UPDATE:  Fentanyl and Opioids in the Mail Room

Senate votes to make it harder to ship fentanyl to U.S. by mail -- 

"By closing the loophole in our mail screening and holding the Postal Service to the same standard as private carriers, we can give law enforcement the

The Secret to a Comprehensive Security Plan

What is the Challenge?

Comprehensive company security should involve more than just security guards at the entrance and protecting online servers.  A myriad of risks must be mitigated.  These could include the following risks:

Physical facility
Fraud, embezzlement and theft…

How to Determine Your Mail Threat Level

The mail is an easy and low-cost, accessible form of terrorism. Whether it is a terrorist group, a lone wolf or a disgruntled employee, you need to be prepared.

But how prepared should you be? You might wonder how vulnerable …

Easy to Make – Hard to Spot

“Mail threats are so common today they don’t make the news unless they reach a high-profile target. If you wait to screen until mail terrorism threatens your company, it’s too late.”
Amos-Leon’ Otis, SoBran Founder and CEO

To assess how …

FBI Report: Hate Crimes Rising

US Hate Crimes Rise for Second Straight Year -  Reuters

"There were 6,121 hate crime incidents recorded last year, an almost 5 percent rise from 2015 and a 10 percent increase from 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Hate Crimes