No News is Good News?

2019 has seen fewer reported incidents of mail threats in the news, compared to 2018.  With concerted efforts across government agencies and industry to employ more offsite screening tactics, we are seeing various threats and hoaxes are being found early …

Mailroom Threat Quick Reference Guide

U.S. Postal Service is expecting to deliver 800 million packages this holiday season. UPS says they are expecting to deliver around 32 million packages and documents a day.

Be prepared for the holiday rush - specifically all the packages delivered …

Top Indicators of Dangerous Mail

If a dangerous package landed on your desk, how would you know?

If you don’t know the indicators for potentially threatening mail, you may be putting yourself and your organization at risk.  

“There are no guarantees that even the

5 Questions to Ask for Offsite Mail Screening

Last month we looked at whether Offsite Mail Screening was right for your business.   If it is, do you know how to identify an outside facility provider to meet your company's unique needs?

Offsite Mail Screening is a mail screening …

Is Offsite Mail Screening Needed for Your Organization?

What is Offsite Mail Screening?

Offsite Mail Screening is a mail screening and distribution service performed by a 3rd party in a separate location to manage organizational mail security and processing.

An offsite, confidential screening location can minimize the possibility …

MAIL: Symbol of Trust – Tool of Terror

Mail threats are so common today they don’t make the news unless they reach a high-profile target. If you wait to screen until mail terrorism threatens your company, it’s too late.”   - Amos-Leon’ Otis, SoBran Founder and CEO

To assess …

Top 5 Myths in Mail Screening

MYTH #1: It Won’t Happen Here.

Complacency is the enemy of security. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it.

Most organizations don’t take adequate security precautions. Anywhere between a quarter and a third of organizations do no mail …