A Year in Mail Threats – 2018

2018 was a High-Water Mark for Nationally Publicized Dangerous Mail Security Incidents

And these high profile incidents are the tip of the iceberg. For every mail threat that makes the news, most others are handled discretely without national press coverage.…

Ricin sent to the President shows importance of Mail Screening

Have you ever worried about receiving something dangerous in the mail? Although it seems like an increasing amount of business is conducted online, physical mail is still incredibly prominent, and can be much more harmful than the emails in your …

UPDATE:  Fentanyl and Opioids in the Mail Room

Senate votes to make it harder to ship fentanyl to U.S. by mail -- 

"By closing the loophole in our mail screening and holding the Postal Service to the same standard as private carriers, we can give law enforcement the

The Secret to a Comprehensive Security Plan

What is the Challenge?

Comprehensive company security should involve more than just security guards at the entrance and protecting online servers.  A myriad of risks must be mitigated.  These could include the following risks:

Physical facility
Fraud, embezzlement and theft…

How to Determine Your Mail Threat Level

The mail is an easy and low-cost, accessible form of terrorism. Whether it is a terrorist group, a lone wolf or a disgruntled employee, you need to be prepared.

But how prepared should you be? You might wonder how vulnerable …

Easy to Make – Hard to Spot

“Mail threats are so common today they don’t make the news unless they reach a high-profile target. If you wait to screen until mail terrorism threatens your company, it’s too late.”
Amos-Leon’ Otis, SoBran Founder and CEO

To assess how …