Join us for the Grand Opening of our CRO

at Gateway University Research Park


Thursday, May 26  4-6pm

Come for the cookout, stay for the tour!

  • Find out how we can help you reach research decisions faster, reducing your costs.
  • And be on hand for the unveiling of an exciting opportunity for North Carolina researchers...


About SoBran Contract Research

Reach Decisions Faster

Whether you are working through in vivo target selection or pre-clinical development, getting answers rapidly reduces costs. SoBran has designed their CRO process to be highly efficient, so you don't waste cycles or budget.

The rapid SoBran CRO process includes:

  • Guaranteed 5-day IACUC review
  • Direct communication with lab staff
  • AALAC accreditation
  • GLP-compliance
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified for quality management

We also deliver:

  • Best practice pre-clinical studies for small and large animal research
  • A broad range of services, from behavioral studies to radio-toxicology
  • Long-term pasture-based research
  • Training for students in animal-based research

Learn more about how we can help you reach decisions faster.

SoBran CRO Grand Opening


Thursday, May 26 4-6pm


SoBran, Inc.
Gateway University Research Park

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SoBran NC CRO Exterior