The Value of Our Specialist Network

Research can be complicated. Specialized drugs and rare disease processes present challenges that a single contract research organization may not be able to provide. To help simplify your work, SoBran has built a network of expert partners that augments our own in-house expertise. SoBran BioScience manages all of the pieces so that your whole project comes in on time and on budget.


The SoBran Specialist Network enables you to:

  • Meet your most complex research needs.
  • Work with one vendor that is accountable for the entire project.
  • Accelerate your time to market with the right specialists at the right time.

Specialist Showcase

Meet two specialists in the SoBran Specialist Network.


Cardiovascular Research (CL) Laboratory

CL Laboratory provides efficacy assessment of test articles in disease models and ex vivo models using the Langendorff System. SoBran also partners with CL for advanced techniques and imaging, including echocardiography, electrocardiogram, high precision pressure assessments (Mikro-tip pressure catheters),  immunohistochemistry, and molecular biological studies.


Song Biotechnologies

Song Biotechnologies provides access to the highest level of in vivo
microcirculatory analysis through trans- and epi-illumination techniques. With cutting edge phosphorescence and fluorescence microscopy, Song's in vivo microcirculatory capabilities include measuring interstitial and intravascular oxygenation, blood flow, endothelial dysfunction, and tracking nanomolecules.

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