Unabomber Anniversary and the Mail Bomb Threat

Mock up of a Unabomber package

 18th Anniversary of the "Unabomber" Arrest

This April marks the 18th anniversary of the Unabomber arrest back in April 1996.  As we get further away from the tragedy of 3 killed and 24 injured …

Latest BioTerrorism Developments

biohackerA round up of progress - and setbacks - reported in the war on bioterrorism for 2014:

BioHacking Goes Mainstream:

"Compared to the 2001 anthrax letters, the 2013 ricin letters illustrated a transition in BW production from the trained individual …

The White Powder Challenge

As a manager it’s essential that you make sure your team is prepared to respond quickly and effectively should a mail safety incident occur, and ideally, prevent one from happening.

SoBran recommends taking the following steps to ensure company-wide mail …