GSA Professional Services Schedule

In July 2015, SoBran was awarded a contract by GSA for its Professional Services Schedule. Contract GS-00F-220CA is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule with a base period of five years, running through July 20, 2020.

For SoBran, the Professional Services Schedule moved our LOGWORLD and Professional Engineering Services Schedules into Contract GS-00F-220CA, under Special Item Numbers (SINs):

871-1/871-1RC          Strategic Planning for Technology
871-2/-2RC               Concept Development & Requirements Analysis
871-3/-3RC               System Design, Engineering & Integration
871-4/-4RC               Test & Evaluation
871-5/-5RC               Integrated Logistics Support
871-6/-6RC              Acquisition & Life Cycle Management
874-501/-501RC     Supply & Value Chain Management
874-507/-507RC    Operations & Maintenance, Logistics Management & Support Services

Under this Schedule and these SINs, SoBran offers a broad and highly qualified set of professionals to satisfy the requirements and needs of all Government agencies.

GSA Office Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule

SoBran, Inc., currently holds a contract with GSA for the Office Imaging and Document Solutions Schedule 36. Considered the global leader in mail screening services, SoBran has led the way in integrating advanced technologies and developing new and innovative operational techniques to optimize the mail screening process for the past 15 years.  SoBran-operated facilities provide the highest level of service and security to customers.  Unlike automated or less comprehensive approaches, SoBran’s custom-designed facilities consistently provide error-free services, protecting our clients’ personnel and operations with 100% assurance against all targeted threats.

We specialize in Mail Screening and Inspection Services (Special Item Number 733-6 or “SIN”) which involves on-site and off-site examination of incoming mail, packages, etc. to detect any form of contamination (e.g., hazardous materials which include chemicals, biologic agents, radioactive or explosives). This service includes personnel, materials, equipment, and facility to properly screen and inspect all incoming mail.  Other SINs supported by SoBran include:

733 1 Mailroom Management and Services

733 2 Presort Mail Services

733 3 Miscellaneous Mail Services

733 4 List Management Services

733 5 Mailroom Ergonomic Analysis

733 6 Mail Screening and Inspection Services

Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact:


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Phone: 703-352-9511, Ext. 248

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