4 Steps to Implementing a Culture of Workplace Safety


Behavior Based Safety: 4 Steps to Implementing a Culture of Workplace Safety

Would your organization benefit from:

  • Improved employee health and welfare?
  • Increased job satisfaction?
  • Improved employee retention rates?
  • Lower costs?

BBS is an innovative solution to producing results that a traditional safety program cannot deliver.

SoBran’s BioScience team has achieved a 10% reduction in safety incidences within six months of beginning a BBS program

What Will I Learn?

  • Why Behavior Based Safety works – and the benefits you’ll realize.
  • Best practices to implement and sustain a culture of workplace safety.
  • Tips for a smooth transition to behaviour-based Safety.


About the Authors:

Lauren Donato is a Program Administrator on a large NIH contract for SoBran BioScience. Lauren previously managed the facilities at one of NIAID’s largest and highest volume animal facilities on the NIH campus. She has over 15 years in the animal science field, working with over 150 species of animals.

Bradley Fisher is the Director of Government Operations for SoBran BioScience and has 20 years of experience in the animal laboratory field with an emphasis in management and training. Brad provides operational oversight, business development, and strategic planning for a multitude of DHHS and DoD biomedical research contracts.