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Where does your organization rank in the number of threats received each year?


Compare mail security in your organization to industry benchmarks

The SoBran SafeMail® team conducted a survey to uncover how organizations view the potential for mail terrorism and how they structure their mail security operations to minimize risk.

The results of the survey as well as best practices of the most prepared organizations are presented in the 12-page A Mail Security Brief: What the Most Prepared Organizations Know.

See the highlights now by clicking the infographic. Download the full Brief by filling out the form to the right.

What You'll Learn

  1. How your level of preparedness compares to industry benchmarks
  2. Best practices on how other security teams combat the threat of mail terrorism
  3. The latest information on mail terrorism

About the Survey

The survey concluded February 8, 2016. Respondents to the survey included mailroom managers and non-managers, transportation supervisors and building managers. Government organizations were well represented, along with manufacturing, financial services, IT, legal and law enforcement.



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