SoBran CEO Gives Keynote and Scholarship for LEAD Academy

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CEO Amos Otis has a long-standing commitment to support education. This year he delivered an inspirational speech for the LEAD 2016 Seniors in Nashville, Tennessee, and surprised the audience by announcing a scholarship.

“Most importantly, live by the Ethos taught here at LEAD Academy. It will not always be easy. It will not always be right. There will be dark days and doubters. If you are true to these values and the Ethos taught here, you will succeed,” said Mr. Otis.

“It’s not where you start. It’s not where you are right now. It is where you finish.”

With 100 percent college acceptance by their second graduating class, LEAD Academy is changing expectations of what can be accomplished.  At LEAD Public Schools, it is their promise and mission to support, train and educate the next generation of responsible citizens.

Mr. Otis established a scholarship at Tennessee State for a LEAD graduate.

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