The #1 Best Practice for Mail Security


As stated by the Department of Homeland Security

“The first and best practice to minimize risk and exposure to personnel and the public is centralizing the mail handling/processing operation at a separate location.”

Here’s why:

Centralization minimizes risk, reduces cost, and increases efficiency and effectiveness.

It lessens risk by limiting exposure to one location and fewer personnel.

It reduces cost by eliminating the redundancy of multiple mail centers, personnel, and equipment.

Utilization of a trained staff working together at one location increases efficiency.

Deploying better equipment at one location that greatly enhances risk reduction improves effectiveness.

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Basic steps for Mailroom Safety include:

1. Put a plan in writing
2. Install correct sensor equipment
3. Train employees
4. Run practice drills

If this is not possible, consider outsourcing mail screening to a third party or sending mail to a third party screening facility.

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