Are You at High Risk for Mail Terrorism?


A variety of factors, both internal and external, can help determine the vulnerability of your workplace.

 Answering “yes” to any of these questions puts your business in the high-risk category:

  • Has your organization appeared in the media?
  • Has your organization been engaged in a lawsuit?
  • Has your organization been threatened with a lawsuit?
  • Has your organization made public statements on sensitive issues?
  • Is your organization a member of an industry whose services, research or products could be the subject of public controversy?
  • Has your organization experienced a recent reorganization or buy-out requiring layoffs?
  • Has an employee made threats to harm the company or any other employee?
  • Has your organization attracted political or potentially controversial attention?
  • Has your organization done business internationally?

If your business is high-risk – view our infographic below to see how offsite mail screening can better protect your employees and your assets.