Increasing Threat – Homegrown Terrorism


Mailroom safety can suffer from complacency.

When complacency sets in and training doesn’t seem as critical — we can forget about the very real risk of attack from both domestic and foreign terrorists. Don’t be caught unprepared. Resolve today to maintain top-notch safety protocols in your mailroom:

  1. PRACTICE: Stage a drill around discovering a mail threat in your mailroom.
  2. TRAIN: Confirm when each employee was last trained on safety protocols.
  3. REVIEW: Review any process or equipment changes made in your mailroom last year that might impact your documented safety procedures.
  4. REPEAT: Mark regular training dates and safety drills on your calendar and follow through on them.

“This trend of homegrown terrorists is likely to continue as ISIS makes use of aggressive messaging and social media efforts to attract followers to itself or other Islamist terrorist groups.”

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