Mailroom Security Meets CyberSecurity


Mail security is often the ‘forgotten back door’ of any complete security program involving both physical and information security.

When mail is being screened, we often think of white powder threats, mail bombs or just plain threatening letters.  But now there is a new danger to be aware of for mail and package deliveries. 

“The U.S. Postal Service processes and delivers 484.8 million mailpieces of first-class mail a day—roughly one-and-a-half mailpieces for every person in the U.S.—in a single day,”

“What most people don’t realize is that some packages they receive may be looking to steal personal or confidential information. And the proliferation of e-commerce-related package deliveries is exactly what cybercriminals can exploit with a tactic IBM X-Force Red is calling ‘warshipping’.”


What is ‘Warshipping?

Warshipping is where CyberSecurity and Mailroom Security intersect. It is an extremely effective “low-tech” method to achieve a “high-tech” break into your corporate information security.

“Similar to wardriving, when you cruise a neighborhood scouting for Wi-Fi networks, warshipping allows a hacker to remotely infiltrate corporate networks by simply hiding inside a package a remote-controlled scanning device designed to penetrate the wireless network–of a company or the CEO’s home–and report back to the sender.”