5 Questions to Ask for Offsite Mail Screening


Last month we looked at whether Offsite Mail Screening was right for your business.   If it is, do you know how to identify an outside facility provider to meet your company’s unique needs?

Offsite Mail Screening is a mail screening and distribution service performed by a 3rd party in a separate location to manage organizational mail security and processing. An offsite, confidential screening location can mitigate the possible threats of exposure to personnel and visitors – as well as facility closures. 

Screening mail offsite is a best practice utilized to keep organizations safe from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) mail and package delivery threats such as mail bombs, ricin letters and even white powder hoaxes.

Offsite Mail Screening’s Popularity

As reported in this year’s 2019 SafeMail Mail Security Survey, Offsite Mail Screening is an excellent security solution that more organizations are choosing.


If you have determined Offsite Mail Screening is right for your organization, you might be wondering how to find the right company to provide this service.    

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Offsite Mail Screening Facility

  1. Exactly what threats can be detected? You should expect the full spectrum of threat screening – chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE).
  2. You should also have the ability to customize screening for your organization.
  3. Is the facility set up well? Look for a dedicated cleanroom environment and details on how your mail will be isolated from other customers’ mail.
  4. How knowledgeable is the staff? Look for dedicated program management and a well-trained, experienced team. Mail screening is both art and science, so experience counts.
  5. When can mail delivery be expected? The facility should be able to provide door-to-door service and customize the schedule to meet your needs.
  6. Can this screening be accomplished with discretion and compliance? Confirm your organization’s reputation will be respected and understand the procedures that will be followed when a threat is detected.

No matter what your organization currently does for mail safety, ensuring basic steps to safety can be a first step to protect your staff and your facilities.

Basic steps for Mailroom Safety include:

  • Put a plan in writing
  • Install the correct sensor equipment
  • Train employees
  • Run practice drills

If this is not possible, consider outsourcing mail screening to a third party or sending mail to a third party screening facility. Click here to learn more about SoBran’s offsite screening services.