SafeMail Survey Results 2017


Addressing Complacency: Lessons from the 2017 SoBran SafeMail Survey

Mail threats can occur at any time, for any type of organization. They may come from terrorist factions, homegrown extremists, or individuals with a grievance against a particular company. Mail screening is an essential part of an overall security plan that includes physical security and cybersecurity strategies to protect an organization’s staff, assets and reputation. Yet many security professionals battle complacency in their organizations and haven’t implemented adequate protection from mail threats.

To assess how organizations are protecting themselves from mail terrorism, SoBran, Inc. conducts an annual survey of security and mailroom professionals. Findings reveal how organizations can move from complacency to funding mail screening as a critical component of their overall security plan. Understanding how organizations included in this survey address mail security challenges can help security professionals, facilities managers, mailroom staff, and business leaders shape their own risk management practices.