Threats to the Mail System in Times of Conflict


The recent news of the assassination of General Soleimani of Iran has created much tension and speculation in various security circles.

In light of the conflict with Iran, we here at SoBran have been preparing for how we could be impacted in the US in terms of mail safety. We do not want to contribute to fear mongering; however, we do believe it’s prudent to anticipate some form of retaliation from Iran and to prepare for possible mail threats.

While it’s unlikely the Iranian army would launch a full-scale assault against the U.S., it is NOT unreasonable to think that militia groups and terrorists organizations that have operated as their proxy in the past, would do so again. These attacks could be of the cyber variety, or physical attacks against U.S. infrastructure, and could target top political and military officials. The mail system is an ideal pathway for these groups to achieve their mission.

How might the mail system be impacted?

  • Mailed bio-hazard materials and/or explosive devices, thereby creating illness, injury or death
  • Cyber-attack into mail tracking systems, thereby creating disruption in service and delays to delivery, as well as compromised identities
  • Physical attack against distribution centers and transportation resources, thereby resulting in damage to facilities, capital and loss of life

Preparedness is critical to security, and we encourage you to take a quick refresher on best practices for mail safety. You can visit the SafeMail Resource Center for all the latest information to help keep your knowledge current. Additionally, you will have access to several articles, posters and tip sheets to assist in keeping your organization secure.

Our mail screening teams remain diligent at all times, and are particularly aware of the need to remain especially so, now. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our clients as informed as possible should there be new or unusual threat alerts. Should you ever have questions about how best protect your organization, we are just a phone call away.