SoBran BioScience Consulting Services

We combine best practices with compliance requirements to drive improvements for a host of critical program components.

  • Animal research protocol development – recommendations for appropriate animal research protocol models and preparation for IACUC review.
  • Compliance and regulatory support – help navigating Federal regulations to design and maintain programs that meet PHS Assurance and AAALAC International accreditation.
  • Standard operating procedures – forms, checklists, index references and more to improve communication and keep your program on track
  • Biosecurity/disease surveillance – minimize risk of disease in your facility.
  • Biosafety/biocontainment – meet requirements for ABSL environments, identify and train recruits, assess performance and provide guidance for quality assurance.
  • Research facility design – SoBran has designed dozens of purpose-build facilities and new facilities in conventional, barrier, and biocontainment environments (ABSL II-III). We partner with architecture and engineering firms to make sure your facility is designed to meet operational and compliance requirements.
  • Staff training – programs for all levels of facility and program support and operations, including cage wash, animal husbandry, technical staffing and management.

Our "Three C's"


  • Cageside to benchtop
  • Management, vet services, data analysis
  • Commercial, academic, government


  • Experts in vivarium operations and animal welfare
  • We care about your research just as you do


  • Regulatory expertise
  • Ensuring business continuity and continuity of research

“It is with great pride that I sat at the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) exit briefing. SoBran did a terrific job…Having AAALAC recommending full accreditation for NIH is a great accomplishment.”

– Representative of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

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