Jamie Gross, Program Manager


Jamie Gross heads up several large supply and distribution projects for SoBran. Under her direction, property warehouse staff handle receiving, inventory, picking, packing and delivery of supplies that range from office equipment to medical devices.

Her team hand delivers supplies to clients on location, going door-to-door and interacting with a variety of people who need critical equipment to complete their work.

They also assist the Government with running a donation program for equipment that is no longer in use at the client site, but could be used for schools and non-profit organizations.

Jamie spends much of her time on-site, working closely with clients to establish protocols and organize processes to make sure logistics run smoothly and cost-effectively. She travels frequently to client locations to make sure she truly understands the nature of their business and can design solutions that meet their individual needs – even if it means stretching the staff and the resources.

“Our clients are facing budget cuts and staff reductions. It’s a daily challenge to help them do more with less.”

Jamie has put together a team of managers and staff that emphasize careful attention to detail and a high degree of customer service. She culled a team with experience working with sensitive situations and equipment, from military bases in Afghanistan to laboratory environments.

Jamie works at SoBran because of the “personal, family feeling”

“At SoBran, even while we’ve grown, it has retained that family feel of a small company,” she says.

“It’s very flat. The CEO is always accessible. Even employees that are working on site in far-flung locations still feel like they are part of the company.”