With over 25 years of logistics experience, our team is skilled at designing solutions for complex supply chain, infrastructure and staffing challenges. We’ve managed warehouses, inventory control systems, and repair facilities of all sizes and in all types of environments. We’ll help you design and set up a system that works for your unique requirements and manage the staff to support it. Our program directors and project managers adapt for every client. You’ll always have access to the senior team at SoBran and you’ll often see us on site working with the team.

Do More with Less

Many of our clients are facing budget cuts and staff reductions. We work closely with them to find creative ways to meet their goals with fewer resources.

Make Sure You are Inspection-ready

Particularly in sensitive environments, logistics requires discipline and process at its core. Our team excels in handling property with care and professionalism. We train for zero tolerance of errors. Our team has a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. We place a premium on safe working environments. SoBran is ISO 9001-certified and our team includes dedicated quality assurance experts.

Key Services:

  • Acquisition and lifecycle management
  • Technical order development, review, publishing and indexing
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chain management
  • Workforce management
  • Logistical assistance
  • Supply storage
  • Real-time inventory control, accountability and support services
  • Training
  • Distribution and property pick up
  • Expert use of a wide range of DoD management information systems

“SoBran brought a degree of professionalism previously unseen at NIH warehousing while reducing our overall costs, improving safety and reducing errors to 1/5 of our targeted rate.”

– Rose Ann Corley, Director of Logistics, National Institutes of Health

More Information:

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