Every day, threatening letters and parcels land at corporate and government offices. Most are inconvenient. Some cause damage. A few change everything.

Proper mail screening keeps your business running and your team safe.  It’s a key component of your overall security program. We are here to help.

Onsite mail screening

The SoBran team provides long-term technical and operational support for mail screening facilities. We work from your location to perform visual screens, operate all screening equipment, and keep your mail operations running smoothly.

Offsite mail screening

You don’t have to allocate space or expose your team to potential threats. SoBran can transport and screen your mail at one of our offsite facilities. You’ll receive your mail – fully screened – on your timeline, regardless of your location.

SoBran partners with the best in the business to handle the mail process from start to finish. In addition to inspecting incoming mail, we can also help you track, sort, digitize and store mail.  We’ll assess and adjust processes and staffing to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Assessment and consulting

SoBran sets the standard for the design and operation of mail screening programs. We’ve been keeping clients safe from mail borne attacks since 2001, when we worked with the U.S. Army to develop and operate a facility to protect against Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) mail threats.

We offer on-site risk analysis, system design, integration and implementation for mail screening programs. We’ll design site-specific protocols for crisis communications, evacuation, and emergency action plans and make sure you are compliant with 41 CFR, Department of Defense and OSHA safety programs.  In addition, we’ll make sure your entire team  - both inside and outside the mailroom – is trained to identify and respond to mail borne threats.

Mail training for all personnel

Mailroom staff must be well trained in mail handling procedures, equipment and response protocols to minimize risk. In addition, all staff should know telltale signs of potentially dangerous mail and steps they should take if it lands on their desk.

SoBran offers in-person and online training for both mailroom and non-mailroom personnel to make sure your organization is ready to respond to any mail borne threat.

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