Take a tour of a state-of-the-art mail screening facility

Fast, affordable screening at one of our locations

You don’t have to allocate space or expose your team to potential threats.

  1. We pick up your mail and screen it at one of our offsite facilities.
  2. Your mail is delivered promptly to your door.
  3. You receive your mail – fully screened – on your timeline, regardless of your location.

Comprehensive or customized testing
SoBran can run complete CBRNE testing (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) screening, or a subset. We have the equipment and the trained personnel ready for your mail.

Sorting and screening
In addition to inspecting incoming mail, we can also help you track, sort, digitize and store mail.  We’ll assess and adjust processes and staffing to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Choose offsite/off-campus mail screening when you:

  • Want to protect employees and operations on your own campus.
  • Do not want to invest in expensive screening equipment and maintenance.
  • Do not want to be responsible for the training and management of mail screening employees.
  • Would like to maximize efficiency.

Learn more about our offsite mail screening facilities

  • SafeMail® DC is the first mail screening facility of its kind in the metropolitan area, designed to provide commercial clients and non-profit organizations with affordable protection from mail terrorism threats. Learn more.
  • SafeMail® New York is a joint venture between SoBran and The Millennium Group, leaders in mail security and mail distribution services, to serve the needs of financial institutions and a wide range of businesses and associations. Learn more.
  • SafeMail® West is the newest joint venture between SoBran and The Millennium Group.  Learn more.

Is Offsite Screening Right for You?


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Benchmark Your Mail Security against the Industry

Benchmark Your Mail Security

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Download the SafeMail DC Brochure

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