Why SoBran SafeMail?


Technical and operational support at your mail screening facilities

We work from your location to operate all screening equipment and keep your mail operations running smoothly.

Your insurance against business shutdowns, employee harm and absences

  1. The process starts with a visual screen of your incoming mail.
  2. Our expert screeners use your equipment to screen for a host of CBRNE threats.
  3. You receive your mail fully screened – we manage the workforce and performance.

Comprehensive or customized testing
SoBran can run complete CBRNE testing (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) screening, or a subset. Our personnel are well-trained. Our expert managers typically come from the military or the U.S. Secret Service.

Choose onsite mail screening when you:

  • Have the space and equipment to set up a mail screening facility in your building.
  • Do not want to be responsible for the training and management of mail screening employees.

Learn more about our onsite mail screening

X-ray machines and sniffing dogs leave organizations vulnerable to chemical and biological threats. Contact our experts to discuss your mail screening needs.

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Know the red flags of suspicious mail.


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Benchmark Your Mail Security against the Industry

Benchmark Your Mail Security

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