SafeMail CBRNE screeningThe volatility in the U.S. is putting a strain on mailrooms. X-ray equipment and dog sniffing do not detect chemical or biological threats.

Physical mail threats are causing business disruption and employee absences.

SafeMail Partner Program

Provide expert protection to your customers and complement your own services portfolio with the SafeMail Partner Program. We offer flexible partnering arrangements.

Services Available to Your Clients

  • Mail screened onsite by our trained screeners.
  • Mail delivered directly to one of our rapid screening and sorting locations.

Security Companies

Mail screening is an underserved physical protection. Include it in your risk assessments and provide the gold standard in protection.

Mail Operations Companies

Provide security within your client's mail flow. Mail screening and sorting is an additional service that you can manage for your client.


Why SoBran SafeMail?


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100% Track Record

SoBran was asked by the Federal government to screen mail following the anthrax attacks a decade ago. Since then we have a 100% track record of protecting assets and employees.

Trained Experts

Our SafeMail Experts are former Secret Service and U.S. military personnel. All are trained in the latest security threats and advanced screening technologies.

Example partnership: SafeMail New York