Have You Thought About Mail Cross-Contamination?

postalWe don’t often think about what our mail has been next to, or touched.  But the news last week about a student mailing his high school vice principal cow and dog excrement brings into question the possibility for cross-contamination on …

Beavercreek firm to support Air Force weapons system work

Dayton Business Journal

SoBran Inc. will be working on a $1 million high-tech military deal.

The Beavercreek-based company announced it was part of a team chosen to provide engineering and technical services for the 309th Software Maintenance Group at Hill …

Who Opens Your Mail?

Former 50th Ward Ald. Bernie Stone. “Stone was the only politician who opened the letter personally. The others were opened by mail room clerks or office assistants, not the intended targets.”

In the news this week, Ronald Haddad Jr. was …