Ensuring Standard Operating Procedures in Animal Biosafety Lab (ABSL)3

NIH ABSL3 verticalSimply putting a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place is not enough to ensure they are met by staff at all times. Implementing a proactive quality assurance (QA) program is central to achieving and sustaining ABSL3 requirements with consistency and confidence.


This paper outlines essential QA program elements, along with practical suggestions for effective QA activities applicable in all ABSL3 environments.


What Will I Learn?

•    Staff knowledge/proficiency levels
•    Occupational health requirements
•    SOP development and effectiveness
•    Effective documentation
•    Environmental parameters
•    Equipment operation


About the Authors

The authors have directed and managed some of the most complex biomedical research programs at NIH for over 40 years combined experience. They are experts in the effective management of ABSL 3 suites.

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