Contract research services for toxicologists studying the effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents

SoBran BioScience Contract ResearchOur preclinical contract research services help you design and implement animal model studies to further your scientific research and develop treatments.
We are ISO-9001 certified and follow Good Laboratory Practices.

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Talk With Us About:

  • Vaccine Development
  • Therapeutic Safety Testing
  • Dose Escalation/Range Finding
  • Toxicokinetics
  • Acute and Subchronic Toxicology
  • Animal Model Development
  • Phenotypic Expression
  • Small Animal Surgery
  • Behavior Testing
  • Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Testing
  • Xenografts
  • Efficacy Testing
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Biodistribution

"SoBran assisted us in the conduction of a very complex pharmacology study.The team produced very high-quality work, within budget and completed it on time."

- Duck Flats Pharmaceutical

Post-Approval Monitoring

The what, why and how of instituting a professional post-approval monitoring program
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