Security Management Article: Protecting Municipal Warehouses


SecMgmtThe SoBran team authored "In the Public Interest", appearing in Security Management, a publication of ASIS International:

Global shrink costs retailers at least $119 billion a year, and that number continues to grow due to shoplifters and dishonest employees, according to the most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer report. This issue isn’t just confined to the retail industry, though; municipalities with warehouses that service water, sanitation, school, police, fire, and transportation services are losing millions of dollars each year to inventory theft, often at the hands of employees within their own logistics operations.

Municipal facilities typically are not as well supported with the state-of-the-art physical security technologies and advanced inventory and property management systems used by for-profit businesses. Municipalities face numerous issues that compete for a limited budget, and city warehouses and logistics operations are often assumed by city leadership to be running smoothly and don’t receive the security funding they may need.  Read more

5 Steps to Achieving Animal Biosafety Level (ABSL) 3


sobran-5-steps-to-absl-3-infographicLab safety maintains the integrity of your research, keeps employees healthy, and lowers turnover and costs. Many labs make safety a priority, but still struggle with effectively safeguarding their facilities and personnel.

Now we've created a blueprint to guide you: 5 Steps to Achieving ABSL3.

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Help with Research and Discovery


bioscience_video_ssWatch our video to learn more about how SoBran BioScience can help you with your research. You'll benefit from both onsite support and contract research capabilities:
(1) Seamless extension of your research team

(2) Highest level of quality assurance and animal care

(3) Regulatory Compliance

(4) Managing quarantine, barrier and ABSL 1-3 facilities

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Are You at High Risk for Mail Terrorism?


A variety of factors, both internal and external, can help determine the vulnerability of your workplace.


Answering "yes" to any of these questions puts your business in the high risk category:

  • Has your organization appeared in the media?
  • Has your organization been engaged in a lawsuit?
  • Has your organization been threatened with a lawsuit?
  • Has your organization made public statements on sensitive issues?
  • Is your organization a member of an industry whose services, research or products could be the subject of public controversy?
  • Has your organization experienced a recent reorganization or buy-out requiring layoffs?
  • Has an employee made threats to harm the company or any other employee?
  • Has your organization attracted political or potentially controversial attention?
  • Has your organization done business internationally?


If your business is High Risk - view our infographic to see how offsite mail screening can better project your employees and your assets.

ALN: Pinworm Wizard


aln magazineA blueprint for elimination of Pinworms from a complex, multi-client research facility. Published in Animal Lab News.

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Benchmark Your Mail Security

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We recently surveyed the industry about their mail security. The results were surprising - see if you agree.

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Innovation for Impact Prize


innovation_impact SoBran is teaming with the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC) Piedmont Triad office to honor the vibrant North Carolina research community.

Researchers at universities and emerging companies are invited to answer, “How will your research heal, fuel or feed the world in the future?”

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SoBran Expands Pre-clinical Research Support with North Carolina CRO, Innovation for Impact Prize


SoBran NC CRO ExteriorSoBran BioScience has opened a pre-clinical contract research facility at Gateway University Research Park in Greensboro, NC. To celebrate the opening and to support researchers in North Carolina, SoBran BioScience and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Piedmont Triad office are unveiling the Innovation for Impact Prize.

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Why SoBran’s SafeMail DC is Your Best Insurance


SafeMail DC brochure image updatedSafeMail DC is SoBran's premier mail screening in the Washington DC area, providing business continuity to companies and government agencies in the region.  By having experts screen mail at a separate facility, these organizations protect themselves from threats that would otherwise be delivered to their own building.

Learn how to protect your employees and keep your business running.

White Paper: 4 Steps to Implementing a Culture of Workplace Safety


White_Paper_BBS_coverimageWould your organization benefit from:
1. Improved employee health and welfare?
2. Increased job satisfaction?
3. Improved employee retention rates?
4. Lower costs?

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