Who Opens Your Mail?

Former 50th Ward Ald. Bernie Stone. “Stone was the only politician who opened the letter personally. The others were opened by mail room clerks or office assistants, not the intended targets.”

In the news this week, Ronald Haddad Jr. was convicted of 28 counts of mailing threats and two counts of emailing threats back in December 2007 to January 2009.  Former Chicago politician, Bernie Stone, testified in the federal case – he had opened one of the white powder 'hoax' envelopes himself.

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Unabomber Anniversary and the Mail Bomb Threat

Mock up of a Unabomber package

 18th Anniversary of the "Unabomber" Arrest

This April marks the 18th anniversary of the Unabomber arrest back in April 1996.  As we get further away from the tragedy of 3 killed and 24 injured by his mail bombs over those years, there is a continued need for vigilance.

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Latest BioTerrorism Developments


biohackerA round up of progress - and setbacks - reported in the war on bioterrorism for 2014:

BioHacking Goes Mainstream:

"Compared to the 2001 anthrax letters, the 2013 ricin letters illustrated a transition in BW production from the trained individual to the layman..."    Read more

The White Powder Challenge


As a manager it’s essential that you make sure your team is prepared to respond quickly and effectively should a mail safety incident occur, and ideally, prevent one from happening.

SoBran recommends taking the following steps to ensure company-wide mail safety training and implement an ongoing mail screening program that checks for dangerous substances. Read more.

Can You Be Sure Your Mail is Safe?

SafeMail-Infographic-med-res (2)
See the difference offsite mail screening can make.

The goal of a mail terrorist is to disrupt and generate publicity.

If you screen your mail onsite, there is a chance of finding a possible threat. Authorities will need to be notified and employees evacuated. Your business productivity and revenue could take a large hit.

However, if you have your mail screened offsite, you remove this threat. And mail can be delivered to your door with the confidence that an evacuation will not be needed.

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New SafeMail DC Facility Offers Mail Screening to Protect Organizations of All Sizes.


SafeMail-Infographic-med-res (2)Is your business at risk for mail borne threats? Offsite mail screening could be the answer. See the difference it can make for your organization in this infographic from the SafeMail team and see how the new SafeMail DC facility offers mail screening for organizations of all sizes.

We are Not as Safe as We Were a Year Ago

Congress' Intelligence Chairs: Rep. Mike Rogers and Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Intelligence committee heads: Terror threat rising
WASHINGTON (AP) — The terrorism threat against the United States is increasing and Americans aren't as safe as they were a year or two ago, the leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees said.

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Demonstrating Ethical and Humane Care: Advice for an AAALAC Inspection


Inspections can be stressful and time consuming for research facility managers and staff. Particularly for facilities seeking acceptance from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC), site visits from the evaluation team require careful planning and detailed management. The complexity increases exponentially for facilities with a wide variety of animals to care for and diverse research programs underway.

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Know the Signs of Deadly Mail Bombs


lawyerIIAlthough white-powder incidents have dominated the mail security news, last week’s sad news demonstrates mail bombs continue to be a threat that can’t be ignored.

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Top 3 Facts about Mail Safety for Small Budgets



ucf_mailroomTop three things you need to know for mail screening on a budget:

1. It is not about what other organizations are doing.


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